Prices including embroidery & print

Russell Range SG Range
ZT180B: Children's Classic T-Shirt £3.30 Sg15K: Children's T Shirt £3.20
ZT180M: Adult's Classic T-Shirt £4.30 Sg15: Men's T Shirt £3.95
539B: Children's Classic Polo £5.95 Sg15F: Women's T Shirt £3.95
539M: Adult's Classic Polo £6.95 Sg18K: Children's Heavy weight T Shirt £3.50
7620B: Chidlren's Classic Sweatshirt £6.50 Sg18: Men's Heavy weight T Shirt £4.30
7620M: Adult's Classic Sweatshirt £8.50 Sg18F: Women's Heavyweight T shirt £4.30
273B: Children's Sweatshirt Cardigan £9.00 Sg50K: Children's Cotton Polo £4.50
273M: Adult's Sweatshirt Cardigan £12.50 Sg50: Men's Cotton Polo £5.50
874B: Children's 1/4 Zip Outdoor Fleece £9.95 Sg50F: Women's Cotton Polo £5.50
874M: Adult's 1/4 Zip Outdoor Fleece £12.50 Sg59K: Children's Poly Cotton Polo £5.95
8700B: Children's Full Zip Outdoor Fleece £9.95 Sg59: Men's Poly Cotton Polo £6.95
8700M: Adult's Full Zip Outdoor Fleece £12.50 Sg59F: Women's Poly Cotton Polo £6.95
575B: Children's Hooded Sweatshirt £8.95 Sg20K: Children's Sweatshirt £5.75
575M: Adult's Hooded Sweatshirt £9.95 Sg20: Men's Sweatshirt £8.00
875B: Children's Reversible Jacket £14.95 Sg20F: Women's Sweatshirt £8.00
Other Range Sg23K: Children's Raglan Sweatshirt £6.00
R225J: Junior Rain Suit £7.95 Sg23: Men's Raglan Sweatshirt £7.75
R225X: Adult's Rain Suit £9.95 Sg23F: Women's Raglan Sweatshirt £7.75
QD17: Gymsac £2.75 Sg80K: Children's Full Zip Fleece £8.95
QD71: Premium Gymsac £3.95 Sg80: Men's Full Zip Fleece £10.95
QD51: Junior Book Bag £3.95 Sg80F: Ladies Full Zip Fleece £10.95
RC05J: Children's Cotton Cap £2.95 Sg43K: Children’s Softshell Jacket £16.95
RC05: Adult's Cotton Cap £2.95 Sg43: Men's Softshell Jacket £17.95
Sg43F: Women's Softshell Jacket £17.95
Sg27K: Children’s Hoodie £8.45
Sg27: Men's Hoodie £10.45
Sg27F: Women's Hoodie £10.45
Sg29K: Children’s Full Zip Hoodie £9.95
Sg29: Men's Full Zip Hoodie £11.95
Sg29F: Women's Full Zip Hoodie £11.95
Sg28K: Children’s Full Zip Urban Hoodie £10.95
Sg28: Men's Full Zip Urban Hoodie £12.95
Sg28F: Women's Full Zip Urban Hoodie £12.95

Plain Garments

All items are available as plain samples. We will be happy to quote for quantities of blank items – please email us for a price.

Art Work

No set up charge for schools. Prices stated include embroidered breast logo of a maximum of 10,000 stitches there after a charge of 20p per 1,000 stitches per garment.

Minimum orders

There are no minimum quantities for embroidery and print.


Delivery is post free on all orders over £100 ex VAT. All other delivery costs to be calculated on order.


No VAT on Children’s Schoolwear


Payment to be paid in full within 30 days of invoice


Good can only be returned by arrangement.